Makeup Tutorial-Conceal and Highlight Like a Pro!

Welcome Back for Episode 1 part 2 of our new Webseries "Face 2 Face". This week our artist Suzy is discussing how to use both highlighter and concealer in an everyday makeup application. Properly using concealer and highlighter can take your makeup applications to the next level! By hiding blemishes both big and small, altering shadows, and giving the appearance of luminosity, the techniques of concealing and highlighting are a must know for both the everyday person who uses makeup and for makeup Pros alike. Picking the right concealer and highlighter is the first step and Suzy gives some great tips on product choice based on this clients face shape, skin type, and blemish characteristics. In this episode Suzy also demonstrates concealment of small to medium size blemishes, elimination of shadows below the eyes, using highlighter to lift the eyes, eliminate shadows around the nose, lips, and lifting the brow. If you haven't yet seen episode 1 part 1, "Skin Prep", make sure to watch so you can see how Suzy prepared this client's skin for the makeup application. A list of all the products used in this video as well as links to their websites are located a the bottom of this post.

If you are interested in having one on one makeup lessons or group makeup lessons make sure to contact us using the phone number or email located in the footer of this page or in the "Contact" tab. This video and all our video content can also be found on our YouTube Channel(Upside Right Bridal + Beauty)-Make sure to visit us there to see all our great content.

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List of Products used in this video:

Viseart Corrector Contour Camouflage Palette 02:

Makeup Forever Full Coverage Camouflage Cream:

Face Atelier Ultra Foundation:


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